At Imperial College Egypt, we look forward to welcoming students to our ‘ICE’ family. As with any family, we offer students a friendly and thriving community, where they can grow at their own pace, in a protected and encouraging environment. Founded on traditional core values, we offer an equality based co-education. Our profession is our calling and invested with our passion for innovative learning experiences, grounded in solid educational cornerstones.

With our well-rounded student body, excelling in leadership, and our highly certified and endorsed staff, Imperial College is committed to offering the finest quality international education. This is achieved by means of broad, balanced and unique learning paths, for every student, through trusted international, educational curriculums and innovative learning experiences


Nurturing our students in a sound learning environment, we prepare and equip them to become generation changers. Kindling curiosity and encouraging self-discovery, skills sets and expanded individual strengths are intellectually cultivated within students, allowing them to meet adversity with resourcefulness and succeed. Growing our student’s confidence, we offer them opportunities to develop their unique talents and gifts, in an encouraging and fun learning

Holding true to our core values, our aim is to groom our students socially, mentally and physically to promote inclusion and diversity, raising a generation of individuals and leaders that are empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Thriving in a culture that embodies respect and responsibility, our students have an understanding of the impact of their actions on themselves and the world around them.



We are committed to nurturing a healthy, safe and positive environment that fosters personal growth, whilst welcoming diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging open and sincere communication, between students, parents and teachers, we promote a partnership to ensure the success of every student.

Inspiring every student to fulfill their fullest potential, by recognizing and celebrating their achievements, by focusing on their strengths.

As we embrace the principles of international tutoring and catering for various learning styles, we present the finest in education.

Integrating independent learning, we cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, as well-rounded citizens.



To influence and inspire entire future generations in becoming change leaders who lead with compassion, respect, humility, integrity and responsibility.


Core Values Built Into Our Identity

  • Choosing to understand the point of view and experiences of others, regardless of whether you are in agreement therewith
  • Creating the capacity to listen and having compassion
  • Having an attitude that promotes finding solutions, through teamwork
  • Being kind and considerate at all times
  • Recognizing the value and dignity of individuals
  • Treating others the way you would want to be treated
  • Taking ownership of our decisions and their consequences
  • Being trustworthy in our tasks
  • Responding to experiences instead of reacting, being accountable in our actions
Thirst for Knowledge
  • A passion for knowledge is the key to opportunity
  • Learning cultivates an open mind, that in turn cultivates confidence
  • Learning begets wisdom, birthing innovation and creation
  • Believing in yourself and your abilities, regardless of the circumstances or the opinions of others
  • Having a positive attitude, choosing to see the best in every situation
  • Choosing to prepare for every event with a spirit of excellence