Our desire is to instill within our students, not only an inherent love for learning but also provide a safe space, wherein they can explore their curiosities and offer their thoughts for reflection.

Our aim is far more than just the provision of an education. We inspire students to apply their knowledge, derived from the deep understanding of their subjects, as they develop and enhance skill sets and key strengths. Committed to offering a unique learning approach for our students, we have built and shaped a curriculum that ignites the youth’s passion for learning by combining international curriculums and methodologies that incorporate academic excellence and as well as practical learning.

We offer the following subject to students in our academic curriculum - : Maths, English Language, English Literature, Life Sciences, Biology,

Our Athletic and Physical Education curriculum offers – Athletics, swimming and several team sports.


Life at School

After School Activities

Our extra-curricular activities are all earmarked with the goal in preparing our students for their contribution to society. We offer somewhat unconventional activities that teach life skills such as digital marketing and entrepreneurship, cultivating well rounded and equipped individuals. It is during these extra-curricular activities that our students have the opportunity to explore, practice and master new accomplishments. Our extra-curricular curriculum offers - Dancing, Arts and Crafts, World Culture, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Drama and Theatre, Martial Arts and Swimming


Facilities & Services

Inspiring our students to be lifelong learners, our school campus is designed to be an effective and conducive learning environment. Maintaining a safe, healthy and happy learning environment, we designed and constructed our school facilities to improve our students’ outcomes

Science Laboratories

Specialist laboratories for General Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are provided with superior equipment and spacious facilities that will ensure a safe learning experience, set in line with international standards The school has three Information and Communication Technology laboratories, equipped with computers, multimedia kits and interconnected nodes, with internet facilities. Using technology to make teaching and learning meaningful and fun, information and communication technology into all subject areas.


Class rooms are well-equipped, with ample space to reconfigure seating arrangements, facilitating the use of different teaching methods, aligned with 21st century skills. Included are top of the range interactive LED 65” flat panels, providing appropriate learning environments. Enabling increased student engagement and learning, whilst ensuring students can work in teams, allowing effective communication during problem solving.

Multi-purpose Hall

The school boasts a multi-purpose hall that is used for all major school functions such as school assemblies, events, productions, minor games and inter-school activities.

Sports Facilities

A range of sports facilities are available to encourage student interest in physical education and include a swimming pool, tennis courts, football court, table tennis, basketball and a climbing wall for younger children

School Libraries

Dedicated libraries for young children, Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary standards. The spacious school library is stocked with an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and non-fiction. These have been carefully selected for their informative and educational value, catering to all age groups. Children are encouraged to make full use of these facilities, in order to foster a healthy reading habit and satiate the inquisitive mind. The library is managed by highly qualified library personnel, in addition to featuring an integrated audio-visual suite, with internet facility to complement the research activities.

Music Room

Two well-equipped music rooms, for students that have an interest in music, provide a various instruments, offering the latest technology, including guitars, keyboards and drum sets.

Art Room

The school possesses a specialized creative Art Room, where students are encouraged to explore their creative talents and showcase their creative expressions in a variety of mediums.


The school cafeteria offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages served throughout the day


We boast a bespoke luxury auditorium with 600 Seats.

Covid 19

We have built a set of policies and sanitation procedures to prevent and reduce the transmission of covid-19 to maintain a healthy school environment. We are adapting our learning methods, policies and risk management protocols to make sure that students, staff and parents are safe in these extraordinary circumstances.

Hybrid Learning

Based on our 50 percent attendance policy, we have built a hybrid learning environment that allows students to alternate between learning online and coming into school. We have invested in world class education software and systems to best equip our students with the tools that facilitate their everyday learning.