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10 th of March 2021
Imperial College Egypt: Creating Role Models

Located on the east side of town, specifically in Gardenia compound near Taj City, Imperial College Egypt is a new up-and-coming international school with a different vision and a new line of thinking. It offers both British (Oxford, Cambridge,

and Edexcel) and International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas We at Imperial College Egypt want to create a place to nurture the unique and individual talents of each student; ultimately creating role models—for one another, and for society as a whole.


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11 th of March 2021
Imperial College Egypt Just Managed to Revolutionize Education with Their “Learn More…” System!

Finally, there’s a new education system in town and we’re really glad that this is happening now! Between academic learning and developing talents, Imperial College Egypt (ICE) took the initiative to create confident and leading role models that will certainly help our children excel and reach their maximum potential! 

With “Learn More…”, as not only their slogan but also as the

foundation on which they base their entire system, ICE aims to provide a unique experience by focusing on the process of learning but in an “out of the box” kind of way. So what ICE did, is that instead of only studying, the system is game-based, providing an interactive learning environment to have the acquired information engraved within the students’ minds as they undergo the fun process.


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11 th of March 2021
Imperial College Egypt; A School Populated With Talents And Role Models

Don’t we all just look for the best school for our kids and family? It’s not easy, and most of the parents get lost at some point while researching and asking around more and more. At the end, we all choose and make a decision based on many factors. One of these factors is what the school actually offers and its degrees. Imperial College Egypt is a new international school with British (Oxford, Cambridge, Edexcel) & IB divisions. The school is located in Gardenia compound, near Taj

City. But what makes it stand out and more interesting compared to other schools? Imperial College Egypt (ICE) is a unique school with its new ideologies ‘Scholarships’ and ‘Role models,’ two keywords we don’t usually hear about, right? ICE has a new line of thinking. They’re on a quest to make knowledge attainable. They’re building a population of talents within the school and using them as role models for each other. Impressive right? Now scroll down to find out more, and learn about Imperial College Egypt!


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13 th of March 2021

The widely-shared understanding behind attaining a coveted scholarship was that one had to be a focused, exacting, academically-inclined student of a high caliber. While that remains true, it largely isolates a whole demographic that finds itself excelling not in studiousness, but in creativity. Albert Einstein once spoke of these role models in the making, saying “Everybody is a genius, but if you

judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This same philosophy of inclusivity is mirrored in Imperial College Egypt's principles for choosing scholarships, which they choose while keeping much more than grades in mind. They opt to handpick role models instead.

The school offers scholarships for a variety of extracurricular


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15 th of March 2021
Imperial College Egypt (ICE): A School Like No Other In Egypt!

Deciding on which kind of school education your children should get is never an easy call. This is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever have to make. There are a lot of factors that you need to

thoroughly consider when looking up a certain For example, the values, culture and line of thinking adopted by the school and how well that matches your child’s own needs, aspirations and personality. This is a totally personal ...