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Imperial College Egypt Just Managed to Revolutionize Education with Their “Learn More…” System!

Finally, there’s a new education system in town and we’re really glad that this is happening now! Between academic learning and developing talents, Imperial College Egypt (ICE) took the initiative to create confident and leading role models that will certainly help our children excel and reach their maximum potential! 

With “Learn More…”, as not only their slogan but also as the foundation on which they base their entire system, ICE aims to provide a unique experience by focusing on the process of learning but in an “out of the box” kind of way. So what ICE did, is that instead of only studying, the system is game-based, providing an interactive learning environment to have the acquired information engraved within the students’ minds as they undergo the fun process.

"Learn More"; Learning Done Right At Imperial College Egypt!

So, allow us to tell you more about one of the leading schools in Egypt, if not the MENA region! Imperial College Egypt houses two divisions; the British and International Baccalaureate (IB). They accept students from the age of four at the Foundation Stage, up to the tenth grade. The school is located in Gardenia compound, near Taj City and the campus is simply mindblowing; it has everything that your children would ever need to acquire the best learning and positively challenging experiences. 

As important and necessary academic education is, not every achievement can be measured by an exam. Like flowers, little minds need to be watered to flourish. Children with talents and special skills are everywhere but are not always allowed to have them looked into, taken care of, and/or encouraged in the right direction. And that’s where this unique school’s system comes to shine!

“We are here to create influential role models with all the competencies and confidence they need.” Says Dr. Sherine Azmy, the School president and CEO, and CEO of Premier Group for developing and managing educational organizations.

So, on a quest to breed influential role models, ICE provides non-academic scholarships in several fields; Athleticism, Creativity, and Intellect. The scholarship for Athleticism is for those who play football, basketball, squash, volleyball, handball, etc., while the one for intellect welcomes those who excel in fields like community service, scouts, spelling, chess, robotics, and other similar activities. As for the Creativity scholarship it is designed for artistic talents, including performance arts, singing, dancing, writing, and crafts. So, if you feel like your children are showing signs of acing any of the above, rest assured that they’ll be in the safest of hands with ICE!

The aim behind the scholarships is to help children with the potential to develop the needed skills to shine in their desired area, acting as role models and inspiring others, in a healthy competitive environment.

You can get all the information you need about their scholarships by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

So, if we’re going to leave you with something, we will leave you with this: Education nowadays has become a hassle, with all the online learning and being able to keep up with your children’s curriculum is a nightmare to most parents. However, what ICE did is that they were able to find a way around it by creating an informative, yet intriguing, system that will not only educate your little ones but also have fun while doing it. We certainly love how they do it, it only made us wish we can go back in time and enroll in it!