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Imperial College Egypt; A School Populated With Talents And Role Models
Don’t we all just look for the best school for our kids and family? It’s not easy, and most of the parents get lost at some point while researching and asking around more and more. At the end, we all choose and make a decision based on many factors. One of these factors is what the school actually offers and its degrees. Imperial College Egypt is a new international school with British (Oxford, Cambridge, Edexcel) & IB divisions. The school is located in Gardenia compound, near Taj City. But what makes it stand out and more interesting compared to other schools? Imperial College Egypt (ICE) is a unique school with its new ideologies ‘Scholarships’ and ‘Role models,’ two keywords we don’t usually hear about, right? ICE has a new line of thinking. They’re on a quest to make knowledge attainable. They’re building a population of talents within the school and using them as role models for each other. Impressive right? Now scroll down to find out more, and learn about Imperial College Egypt!

About ICE

Imperial College Egypt houses two divisions; British and International Baccalaureate (IB). As a school, they’re on a quest to create influential role models equipped with all the competencies and confidence they need. These competencies and are not tested in exams, but are written in invisible ink, between the lines of their textbooks. It is the mission of every tutor in the school to reveal these precious hidden learnings. ICE are populating the school with intellectual, creative and athletic role models, who act as beacons for one another, fueling curiosity, learning and achievement.

ICE follows a certain ideology and their aim is “Learn More.” It is written on their notebooks, pens and pencils, and all over the walls. It guides their methodology and is shared by all the staff, to turn the enrolled children into discoverers and miners of knowledge. Isn’t this exactly what we’re all looking for our children?

We’re not done here yet, surprise surprise! Scholarships are not just granted for academic achievements. There is a scholarship for intellect, granted for activities like community service, scouts, spelling, chess, and robotics just to name a few. Another scholarship included is for the field of creative arts, ranging from performance arts, singing, dancing, crafts, writing, and every other way you can put your creativity into action. Athletic scholarships are also available for those who play football, basketball, volleyball, handball, squash, or any sport you’re passionate about, or excel in.

Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to actually motivate or even encourage our kids to get them to study, or at least be a bit eager to learn. In a nutshell, most children do not like textbooks altogether, nor homework, nor studying, whilst those who like studying often miss the hidden lessons. The brains of our children have a great capacity to hold on to information. However, the grip on information weakens by time, while the grip on experiences remains strong.

Imperial College Egypt has a whole new other mentality that will actually help the children keep what they get from school for life! With all that they offer and have, one of the most important aspects is that they wrap every bit of information with an experience. ICE aims to teach and let them learn, not study. In other words, to let them learn more. Think about it as a parent, you certainly want them to learn more to get them to these Ivy League universities they see everyday on the walls. Learn more to have their picture inside a waiting frame, next to a lineup of pictures hanging on the wall of the most influential role models in history. As they grow, their confidence will amplify, and no summit or accolade will be beyond their reach. This is how we all want our children to learn! With passion and eagerness to learn more!

We’ll leave you now with a very important quote from the School president & CEO, Dr. Sherine Azmy, saying: “We are here to create influential role models with all the competencies & confidence they need”

WE SAID THIS: Now go and enroll in ICE for your kids, and remember, they will actually learn how to learn more!